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Chrononutrition of Dr. Alain Delabos


Chrononutrition is not considered to be a diet, but a balanced system of nutrition. It was developed by French doctor Alain Delabos. The rule of such ration is quite simple – any food will be useful, if you use it strictly on time. The hours of food intake are calculated due to the individual biorhythms.

Dr. Delabos has analyzed the dependence of the digestive system of a person on the level of hormones and the production of enzymes, as well as the fluctuations of their indicators during the day. The result of his research has shown that if you eat at certain hours, the body is ready to absorb almost any food without harm to health. At the same time the metabolism is on the proper level, and the lipids are not deposited in reserve.

Principles of the chrononutrition:

– the use of sugar is forbidden until 17:00 (this applies to both sweet tea and cakes, as well as sweet fruit);

– breakfast should be complete and must not be limited to one cup of coffee;

– the use of white and red meat should not exceed 2-3 times a week. Fish and seafood can be eaten every day, but the best for dinner;

– the menu should be maximally varied and balanced. Thus, it is recommended to alternate the products, so that the body receives the necessary vitamins and minerals;

– you should limit the consumption of bananas, carrots and beets due to the high glycemic index. Seasonings and spices should always be in your ration;

– dairy products should be consumed in small amounts. Choosing cheese, it is desirable to give preference to hard sorts;

– food intake should take place without haste, every 3-4 hours, and no snacking in between;

– fast food, fatty and fried foods must be strictly excluded from the ration.

– the use of alcoholic and carbonated beverages is prohibited. However, red wine is an exception to this rule. You can afford to drink a glass at dinner two or three times a week.

Chrononutrition is not a strict diet for weight loss, but it helps to cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances, as well as to normalize the metabolism and digestion. You can not lose weight in a short time using the methodology of Dr. Delabos. It is recommended to adhere to this regime throughout the whole life. However, it is worth noting that you will see noticeable changes in 1-3 months. Of course, it is a long term, but the resulting weight will be optimal for you, and superfluous kilograms will leave you without harm to health.

Time for meals is a strict daily schedule. Only then the chrononutrition brings results and benefits.

Breakfast – from 6:30 to 9:30

Lunch – from 12:00 to 13:30

Afternoon snack – from 17:00 to 18:30

Dinner – not later than one hour before bedtime.

Dr. Delabos notes that you can skip the evening meal, but it is strictly contraindicated to skip the other meals.

I want to recall that this technique is primarily aimed at health improvement, and then – losing weight. You’ll get used to the regime and after a couple of months the body will start to run like clockwork, and extra kilograms will noticeably disappear.


  • Girdana Laban

    I think we all need this ,will try ,spec .in Canadian winter ,we don’t do much ,and pounds just get coming.Sounds like you can eat well ,but with control.Healthy !

  • Mark

    The use of sugar is forbidden UNTIL 5pm? So you’re supposed to eat sugar late in the day???

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