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Cherry diet



Summer is on the way, time for ripening of our favorite berries. They should be used as much as the body needs to be satiated with vitamins and microelements until the next season. It is recommended to eat 5 kilograms of cherries per season.

These berries contain vitamins B, РР, C, A, E, iron and folic acid. Cherry is rich in flavonoids, anthocyanins and catechins that help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Cherry is useful in reduced hemoglobin level, has ability to protect the body from infections and viruses, as well as prevent premature aging. Eating cherries is necessary for the valuable work of the nervous system, health of skin, hair and nails; it helps to preserve good vision, strong bones and teeth. Caloric content of cherry – 54 calories per 100 grams. Cherry gives a feeling of satiety without excessive calories, improves metabolism and digestion.

Cherries are eaten fresh, dried and canned – you can make jam, compotes, syrups, extracts, liqueurs and cordials, wine and fruit water.

Cherry – a valuable dietary product and cherry diet is perfect for summer weight loss. The diet is designed for 2-3 days and will help to lose excess pounds and improve overall health – improve digestion, to get rid of constipations and edema.
The principle of the diet is as follows. You’ll need about 2 kg of fresh cherries for every day. This amount of berries should be divided into 5-6 servings and eaten during the day at regular intervals of time. It is allowed to drink any amount of mineral water without gas, herbal decoctions, green tea, fresh fruit juices, vegetable and berry juices – all without sugar.

Such diet is contraindicated for nursing mothers, people with acute or chronic diseases of the digestive system, allergic reactions.


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