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Cheese diets. Again

cheese diets again

Returning to the subject of cheese diets, I want to tell you about two more. The first variant is designed for a maximum of 7 days. Every day you will lose up to 1 kg of excess weight. Menu for each day will be as follows:

Breakfast: 2 sandwiches of whole-wheat bread with 2 teaspoons of the low-fat sour cream, coffee or tea with skim milk without sugar;

Snack: 1 green apple, tea without sugar;

Lunch: a handful of cooked pasta, 125 grams of cheese, tea with 1 teaspoon of honey;

Snack: 2 diet small loaves of bread, a slice of watermelon or melon;

Dinner: 2 diet toasts with processed cheese, vegetable salad with sour cream, low-fat yogurt;

2 hours before bedtime – fruit low-fat yogurt.

The second variant is designed for 10 days, but it is important to remember that the diet shouldn’t be continued for longer term. As always, the result depends on specific features of the organism. Normally, this dietary program helps to lose weight for 5 – 7 extra kilos.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast (about 8.00) coffee or tea without sugar;

Snack (10.00): 1 egg, soft boiled;

Lunch (12.00-13.00): 200 grams of cooked lean meat (beef or chicken) or a piece of ham;

Snack (14.30-15.00): 150 grams of low-fat cheese;

Dinner (18.00): 200-250 grams nonfat cottage cheese;

Before going to bed (20.00): a glass of low-fat kefir.

Don’t forget the standard condition of such diets – throughout the weight loss program you need to drink lots of fluids! (potable water, mineral water without gas, unsweetened green tea, broth hips or mint).

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