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Cabbage diet

I have already mentioned about the beneficial properties of cabbage. One of them is to use it as a tool for weight loss, and even a treatment for obesity. For this purpose, any cabbage is suitable – white cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli.

Cabbage diet is very convenient, because cabbage is a nourishing product and there are plenty of recipes for its cooking – ragout, vegetable stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut, soup, salads. Furthermore, cabbage has low calorie content and contains a lot of fiber and vitamins which are essential for our organism.

There are many recipes for the diet with cabbage. I want propose one. This diet lasts for 7-10 days, and will help you to get rid of excess weight up to 10kg. It consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is very lightweight; you should drink green tea or coffee (without sugar). Lunch: cabbage salad with carrots, seasoned with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. You can add a salad up to 200g of boiled or steamed lean meat, chicken or fish. Dinner: salad of fresh or pickled cabbage. You can add one quail egg or half of chicken boiled egg. Any fruits are also allowed, except grapes and bananas. You should drink one glass of low-fat kefir two hours before bedtime.


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