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Buckwheat diet


If you are seriously considering the ways how to lose weight, this diet will suit you. This diet lasts for 14 days and assumes weight loss for 12 kg. Moreover, the higher weight you have, the faster will be the process of weight loss. The caloric content of buckwheat ranges from 70 to 169 calories, so you will have only a feeling of satiety. Thus, this diet doesn’t limit the amount of eaten porridge. In addition buckwheat which helps to lose weight is very useful for the organism. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vegetable protein (5.93%) and vitamin B. Buckwheat also cleanses the body and has a positive effect on dermatological problems, improving the appearance of skin and nails.

Buckwheat monodiet forbids any additives such as condiments, spices, dressings, salt and sugar. But it can be filled with low-fat kefir (1%). At the same time it must be remembered that you can eat any quantity of porridge, but kefir – only a liter per day. If you broke the diet, continue it the next day as if nothing had happened.

The recipe is as follows: fill one glass of buckwheat with about 2 – 2.5 cups of boiling water and leave overnight. Drain the excess water in the morning. Buckwheat doesn’t need to be boiled. You can fill buckwheat with kefir or drink it separately. It is also recommended to drink large amounts of water or green tea if you want. And don’t eat 4 hours before bedtime.

If it will be very hard for you to eat only buckwheat and you will need sweet, you can add some dried fruit into a dish, but quite a bit – apples, raisins, prunes, dried apricots, or a teaspoon of honey.

To remedy the lack of vitamins received during a diet, it is recommended to use the complex multivitamin preparations.

If at the end of the diet you are still dissatisfied with your weight, the diet should be repeated not earlier than in a month.

There are some contraindications. Buckwheat diet is forbidden in pregnancy, for those who suffer from diabetes and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney or heart failure.

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