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Boiled diet

Boiled diet

The main principle of boiled diet is in consuming large quantities of fat-burning vegetables. Due to the high content of dietary fiber fruits and vegetables help to get rid of the extra kilos effectively. Zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower, beet and pumpkin are valuable products-suppliers of low-calorie coarse fiber pulp. The use of these vegetables in their raw form is impractical, but boiled they will help to attain the desired shape. And boiled greens of celery burn fat more effectively than any salad of raw vegetables can do. In addition, boiled diet is great for people suffering from gastric acidity, flatulence, bloating and gastritis.

There are two variants of boiled diet: boiled vegetable diet – vegetables, fruits, herbs and bread; and classical boiled diet with a varied menu. Both variants have a few general rules to achieve the best result.

You should drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day. It is a well-known rule, and still, it helps to cleanse the body and makes the boiled diet for several times more efficient.

Nutrition should be fractional, 4 times per day. You should chew slowly and carefully, in small portions 200-300 grams.

In an hour after each meal it is recommended to drink green tea. It is very useful for good health, and also promotes weight loss.

It is important to use herbs, nuts or dried fruit daily. This is a great help for the work of heart and a vitamin charging for the whole organism.

Don’t forget to move more. The movement and fresh air always have a beneficial effect on health. Moreover, during the diet it helps to get distracted and not to think about food.

So, the first option – boiled vegetable diet. It is designed for a week, and the weight loss is about 4-5kg. The ration of this diet includes meals of boiled vegetables: salads, appetizers, soups and stews. Also remember about fresh vegetables and fruits, and eat them every day.

Be careful when cooking. You need to boil the vegetables in such a way to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins, since the heat treatment destroys most of them. Put the vegetables in boiling water and at once reduce the fire. Avoid vigorous boiling. Don’t salt water. Boil the vegetables no longer than 10 minutes, then you should keep them in the same water for 20 minutes (beets, carrots, pumpkins), and then dip into cold water to cool.

During the diet it is not recommended to drink alcohol, lemonade and carbonated mineral water, white bread, sugar and sweets. Furthermore, you should refuse meat, fish, dairy products and cheeses.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast: salad of boiled beet with prunes, an apple;

Lunch: soup of cabbage with celery and tomatoes, bran bread, salad of cucumbers with fresh herbs and onions, dressed with olive oil;

Afternoon snack: fresh fruit, dried fruit or nuts.

Dinner: stews of vegetables, fruit juice or fruit. Potatoes are not recommended.

Classical boiled diet allows eating boiled meat and fish, porridge of various cereals and dairy products. It is designed for two weeks, and will help to lose from 8 to 12 kg of excess weight. You should exclude the following foods: lemonade and carbonated water, bread and any baked goods, pasta, salt, sugar, alcohol, fried and fatty food.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast: crumbly buckwheat porridge, boiled egg, an apple;

Lunch: stews of eggplant, zucchini, cabbage and celery; steam cutlets, apple juice;

Afternoon snack: fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, or something from the dairy products;

Dinner: crumbly rice, lettuce, boiled meat.

Dinner should be no later than 19.00. Before going to bed you can drink a glass of kefir or eat an apple.

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