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Blood Type Diet

blood-type-dietAmong the variety of all sorts of diets, we have considered such ways of slimming as separate nutrition, mono-diets, nutrition based on astrology, on the color of food, special dietary supplements and more. Another interesting way to lose weight was discovered by an American naturopathic physician Peter J. D’AdamoHis developments were based on the research of another specialist – Dr. James D’Adamo, Peter’s father. The doctors claim that immune and digestive systems of a person retain disposition to the same products, as once his ancestors used to eat.

Thus, the chemical reaction between blood and eaten food is an integral part of the genetic heritage. We are talking about the diet according to the blood type and the so called GenoType Diet.

According to physician D’Adamo, since there are four groups of human blood – four basic styles of nutrition conform to each group. Thus, the product which is perfect for the ration of one person may be useless for the second, “neutral” for the third, and harmful for the fourth. Since the diet determined by the blood group is inextricably linked to the cellular structure of the particular body, the same products for different blood groups act differently – they provide weight loss for one person and excess weight for another.

The fact is that different blood groups differently interact with lecithins – important building cellular substances. The lecithins are found in all tissues of the human body, and are received from outside along with food. However, chemically lecithins contained in meats, for example, differ from lecithins of the plant food. The blood type diet helps to choose exactly the lecithins, which are necessary for your body to live healthy life.

The theoretical basis of the techniques of doctor D’Adamo is described in his book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”.

blood-type-diet-book“There had to be a reason why there were so many paradoxes in dietary studies and disease survival,” why some people lose weight and others do not on the same diet or why some people keep their vitality as they age, and others do not, says Dr. D’Adamo.

The first edition was published in 1997. Nowadays “The Blood Type Diet” is considered to be the most popular personalized diet system in the world.

Dr. D’Adamo successfully uses this method in practice for weight loss as well as a way to adjust digestion. He heads his own clinic in Portsmouth, USA. He resorts not only to the method of nutrition by the blood type, but various supporting procedures, including SPA, vitamins, psychological work. Many celebrities seek help for him and are the clients of the clinic. Among them – fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, fashion model Miranda Kerr, actress Demi Moore. All of them note positive effect of the diet, both for weight loss and for overall health.

So, menu for each group can be briefly summarized in the following manner:


Blood Type O is described by Dr. D’Adamo as “hunting”. He argues that exactly this type of blood was the first in the world, which appeared as a separate type of about 30 thousand years ago. Proper diet for blood group O for the “hunters” is rather predictable – high in meat protein.

Blood Type A belonged to the first agrarians. They were isolated into a separate “blood type” about 20 thousand years ago. It is recommended to eat a lot of different vegetables and minimize the consumption of red meat.

Blood Type B belongs to the descendants of nomads. This type was formed about 10 thousand years ago, and it is characterized by a strong immune system and unpretentious digestion. At the same time the owners of this type should monitor the use of dairy products – people with Type B are prone to the lactose intolerance.

Blood Type AB can be called “enigma”. The first representatives of this rare type (7-8% of the world’s population) appeared less than 1 thousand years ago and are a combination of features of highly different groups A and B.

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