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Blood Type Diet. Blood Type O

We have already learned the general principles of the popular diet based on the blood type, system of nutrition developed by Dr. D’Adamo. Now I propose to consider each group separately. So, the diet for blood type O.

Blood Type O – hunter. It is the oldest blood group; all the other groups have evolved from it. 33.5% of the population have this type. Representatives of this blood type are characterized as strong, self-confident people with leadership qualities.

Strengths: excellent digestive system, strong immune system, designed for efficient metabolism and preservation of nutrients.

Weaknesses: these people hardly adapt to a change in the diet and environmental conditions, sometimes the immune system is too active and acts against the organism, resulting in allergic reactions.

The ration for Blood Type O

Representatives of this group are meat eaters, who need high-protein diet – meat (except pork); fish and seafood; vegetables and fruits (except sour types); rye bread in a limited number, legumes and buckwheat.

Foods that should be avoided – cabbage (except broccoli), wheat and all wheat products, corn and all corn products, pickles, ketchup.

Useful drinks – green tea, herbal tea from rose hips, ginger, mint, cayenne pepper, licorice, linden, seltzer water.

Neutral drinks: beer, red and white wine, tea with chamomile, ginseng, sage, valerian, raspberry leaves.

Harmful drinks – coffee.

Recommendations for slimming

Exclude foods: fresh cabbage, beans, corn, wheat, citrus, ice cream, sugar, pickles, potatoes.

Helpful foods: seaweed (brown, laminaria); fish and seafood; iodized salt; meat, especially beef, lamb; liver, greens, salads, spinach, broccoli, radish.

Recommended vitamins and supplements: B complex, vitamin K, calcium, manganese, iodine, licorice root, algae, pancreatic enzyme.

Avoid: Vitamin A, Vitamin E.

In addition to the proposed nutrition, you should go in for sports – intensive exercises: aerobics, skiing, jogging, swimming.

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