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Blood Type Diet. Blood Type B


If you’ve tried several diets and there is still no positive result, maybe this way of losing weight will come in handy. You can find the common principles of blood type diet right here. And now, we will consider the diet rules for Blood Type B.

Blood Type B – nomad. Approximately 20.6% of the Earth’s population have this type. They are characterized as balanced, flexible and creative people. This type appeared as a result of migration of races.

Strengths: strong immune system, flexible adaptation to changes in diet and environmental conditions, balanced nervous system.

Weaknesses are not marked, but there is instability to rare viruses and autoimmune diseases.

The ration for Blood Type B

If you are the owner of this blood group, mixed balanced diet will suit you. Nomads by nature of their activities were adapted to a variety of products. So they “could afford” different methods of diet and nutrition as a whole.

Thus, we can say that people with B group are omnivorous. Your list of products: meat, fish, dairy and non-fat products, eggs, cereals (except buckwheat and wheat), legumes, vegetables (except corn, tomatoes, pumpkin, olives), fruits.

However, there are some exceptions. It is advisable to avoid seafood, pork, chicken.

Useful drinks: green tea, herbal teas (licorice, ginseng, gingko biloba, sage, raspberry leaf), juices of cranberry, cabbage, grape, pineapple.

Neutral drinks: orange juice, beer, wine, coffee, black tea.

Harmful drinks: tomato juice.

Recommendations for slimming

People with Blood Type B relatively infrequently suffer from excess weight. Such a diet is primarily a way for regulation of metabolism and maintaining good health. Nevertheless.

Exclude foods: corn, lentils, peanuts, buckwheat, wheat, tomatoes, pork.

Such products as green salads, herbs, eggs, liver, beef, liquorice root and soy help to control weight.

Do not forget about vitamins and nutritional supplements. Helpful to you: magnesium, lecithin, licorice, gingko biloba, echinacea, bromelain.

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