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Blood Type Diet. Blood Type AB


It is time to consider the last blood type diet, Blood Type AB, which is often called “enigma”. Though, in fact, it is a mixed type. It originated as a result of evolution, at the confluence of two opposite types – A and B. 7-8% of the population of the Earth have this blood type. Such people are called chameleons that are constantly reacting to changes in the environment and food.

The strength of this blood type is in the fact that this is a young group (appeared less than a thousand years ago), and therefore, it is flexible, combines pluses of types A and B, and is also characterized by a very sensitive immune system.

It is also the weakness, as the body is non-persistent to the microbial infections. In addition, this type has a vulnerable digestive tract, and as a whole it combines the disadvantages of types A and B.

The ration for Blood Type AB

Recommended nutrition of this type can be called moderately mixed diet. Your product list includes meat in limited quantities (mutton rabbit, turkey, fish), dairy products, cheeses, bean curd, olive oil, cod liver, walnuts and peanuts, cereals (except buckwheat and corn), fruit except sour varieties.

Useful drinks: coffee, green tea, tea from chamomile, ginseng, ginger, rose hips, echinacea, hawthorn.

Neutral drinks: beer, wine, mint tea, Dong Quai, tea from valerian, raspberry.

Harmful drinks: senna tea and linden.

Recommendations for slimming

In order to lose weight, you should limit the amount of meat, and it is not less important to combine it properly – for example with vegetables or tofu. Products that promote slimming for the Blood Type AB are tofu, seafood (except canned, dried and smoked), green vegetables, brown alga, and pineapples.

Exclude foods: red meat, ham and bacon, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, pepper, wheat and corn. You have received a negative reaction to beans, corn, buckwheat and sesame in the inheritance from type “B”.

Useful vitamins and nutritional supplements: Vitamin C, hawthorn, valerian, zinc, selenium, bromelain (as food enzyme).

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