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Black radish juice for the liver

Black radishFreshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices – a good start to cleanse the organism. We often talk about the benefits of juice. We know the main thing – it is useful, but what for exactly is one or another juice needed?

In this article, I propose to talk about the liver. If you decide to cleanse the liver at home, it is important a day or two before the start of the course change your usual menu to the vegetarian food. Additionally, you should eliminate the starchy foods, spicy and alcohol. Thus, the result will be more efficient.

Radish black is particularly useful for the normal operation of liver and gallbladder. It regulates the production and the flow of bile as well as bilirubin, acids, enzymes. It also removes the excess bilirubin from the blood and is a good detoxifier. It protects liver and gall bladder from infections and ulcers, and has a calming effect on them. At the same time it has a beneficial effect on heart and blood vessels, as well as the respiratory system. Therefore, such method of cleansing the liver by a radish deserves attention.

So, you will need 10 kg of black radish. Peel it, grind and produce a concentrate. You should get about 3 liters. Keep it in the cold place. Don’t throw away the resulting bagasse, it will come in handy. For this purpose, it is necessary to weigh and fill with sugar or honey at the rate of 500 or 300 grams respectively, per kilogram of weight. Mix well, press with something heavy and put in the heat.

It is recommended to start with 1 teaspoon and gradually increase to 100 grams at a time. Drink this beverage every time after meals. It is very important during such a treatment to exclude from the ration all that can hinder the cleaning. These products include fat, spicy and salty foods, alcohol, smoked meats and flour.

When the juice is over, it’s time to recall the bagasse. It is necessary to consume it while eating at a dose of 2-3 tablespoons at a time. It should be noted that it helps to cleanse from radionuclides and heavy metals.

Be careful – if you suffer from such diseases as infectious diseases and metabolic disorders (diabetes), exacerbation of chronic processes, pregnancy and lactation, overwork, including mental – such treatment is prohibited.

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