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Birch sap

Birch sap

Birch juice, birch sap or birch water is famous for its extensive range of medicinal properties. It has long been recognized as a natural tonic beverage. It is rich in substances necessary for the organism – sugars, organic acids, enzymes, salts of calcium, magnesium, iron and trace elements.

Birch sap is very useful for vitamin deficiency, blood and skin diseases. It helps with bronchitis, sore throat, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. It is advised for rapid cleanse of the body of harmful substances and for the dissolution of urinary stones of phosphate and carbonate origin.

In addition, this drink has hematopoietic action, as well as it is an excellent expectorant, cholagogue, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing means. Birch sap is capable to remove toxins and treat such diseases as rheumatism, sciatica, gout and arthritis. It activates the metabolic processes in the body, as well as it is appreciated for the treatment of tumor diseases.

Today, we can buy everything in the store. But canned drink from the store has no value for health. The best way to get birch sap is of course to collect it by yourself. If you decide to make a walk in the birch grove, here are a few recommendations. It is very important to collect juice not at the beginning and not at the end, but at the middle of the sap flow. The fact is that in this period it has the strongest healing properties. Make an incision, but don’t penetrate deep into the tree trunk. 80% of juice moves in the surface layers between the bark and the wood.

You can also make it in the other way. Cut the branch of the birch by the sharpened knife. Wrap the place of cutting by thick thread. Lower the thread end into the prepared dish, juice will drain into it. After collecting the sap you should necessarily bedaub the hole tight by plasticine, wax, soap or caulk it with moss.

The recommended dose of birch sap is 3 cups a day for 10-12 days. Fresh juice is not stored for more than 2 days. Sometimes juice treatment is more effective in combination with other means.

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