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Benefits of oils. Mustard oil

Mustard-OilMustard oil is obtained by cold pressing. This oil is stored for more than 2 years without changing the taste. Compared to other vegetable oils, mustard oil has the lowest acid index and significantly longer than the others retains its properties.

Mustard oil includes such useful for the organism components as unsaturated fatty acids, including linolenic acid, glycosides, phytoncides, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F, K; ethereal mustard oil. Mustard oil contains valuable carotene, only buckwheat oil can boast by the presence of this component. It is important, that vitamin A is stored in the mustard oil for a long time (up to 8 months). Retinol promotes the growth and development of the organism, ensures the normal function of the epithelium of the mucous system and skin, increases resistance to infections. Vitamin B6, which is found in the oil, takes an important position in the nitrogen exchange, in the synthesis process and decay of the amino acids.

Due to the content of nicotinic acid, mustard oil improves carbohydrate metabolism, is involved in tissue respiration, provides vasodilating effects. Vitamins K and P help to increase the strength and elasticity of the capillaries, as well as improve their permeability. Eating mustard oil helps to raise the level of “good” cholesterol in the blood and reduce the level of “harmful”. It has favorable qualities affecting the liver, weakened by antibiotics, viral infections, toxins. Vitamin D maintains the level of trace elements of calcium and phosphorus in blood; improves work of thyroid, prevents the development of a number of skin diseases. The presence of Vitamin E gives oil anti-inflammatory and anaplerotic properties. In addition, it normalizes blood clotting and prevents the formation of blood clots, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and affects the activity of the reproductive system.

Mustard oil is recommended for external application for the treatment of arthritis, polyarthritis, rheumatism, radiculitis.

The use of this oil may be contraindicated for people with diseases of the myocardium, with high acidity and gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcers.

Mustard oil has a pleasant sweet flavor and spicy taste; it is perfect for spring and summer salads, combined with fresh herbs and vegetables.

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