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Benefits of bananas


We often talk about bananas in diets. Let’s remember their useful qualities.

Bananas help to fight depression. The fact is that these fruits contain such an indispensable component as tryptophan. Because of this, the body produces serotonin – the hormone of happiness. Eat a banana and improve your mood!

In addition, banana is an energy source. If you eat a few pieces before a workout, you will be able to train more effectively. At the same time, blood sugar will not rise very quickly and you will have enough energy till end of the training.

Due to the content of antioxidants and amino acids, which protect the organism, bananas improve immunity.

Bananas – the only fruit that doesn’t cause allergic reactions even in infants.

The high content of iron in the pulp of banana makes it a necessary food at an anemia, as well as at heart diseases. Potassium contained in bananas helps to improve the condition of blood vessels, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, treat hypertension.

Bananas help in strengthening bones. They have a tendency to hold calcium in the body. If you love coffee, this will be especially important for you, as this drink washes away calcium from the organism.

The next important feature of bananas is the improvement of intestinal microflora. Bananas contain enzymes that help the substances, which enter the body with the main meal, to be absorbed by the body more quickly.

Bananas are very useful for those who suffer from constipation, heartburn as well as from diarrhea. This is a good restorative product. The regular consumption of bananas will help to get rid of these problems.

Eat bananas to improve digestion. Due to the content of such components as pectins and chelates in the consistency of bananas, they well eliminate toxins and other harmful substances, thereby improving your digestion.

Bananas are able to positively influence the work of kidneys. Nutrients, trace elements and vitamins improve their condition, remove sand and stones.

The high content of potassium in the banana pulp saves from leg cramps. This feature will come in handy for those who train a lot.

Bananas will significantly reduce swelling if you are suffering from such a disease.

For the same reason, bananas perfectly relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. If you eat a banana during menstruation, you can get rid of a bad mood and unpleasant symptoms. Moreover, it is a great tool for getting rid of nausea on the road or at a toxicosis for pregnant women.

Another quality of this fruit – lowering the body temperature. This will help you at a fever or extreme heat.

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