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Autumn products

autumn-productsAutumn. The time has come to move from light salads to more hearty dishes. Our organism must receive all the necessary nutrients and energy. Let’s remember what products we need now.

Sweet or tart apple is a wonderful and useful autumn product that helps to prolong youth. As you know, apples are rich in antioxidants, both flesh and peel contain the necessary vitamins.

We also often talk about these fruits as about apples – sweet and juicy pears. They are a good source of vitamin C and copper, and in addition, they can be used for making a huge number of goodies – as a separate dish or as part of the others.

Rutabaga is useful in that it is a good source of fiber and vitamin C. Experiment with rutabaga – you can add it into different soups, try it in cooking in pots, fry with ginger, honey or lemon.

Turnips – an excellent source of vitamin C. In addition, its leaves are rich in vitamins A, K and folic acid.

Brussels sprouts are also a necessary element of autumn dishes. 1/2 cup of this cabbage contains more than a daily requirement of vitamin K. It is a good source of folic acid and iron.

It’s time to pay attention to the cauliflower! It contains compounds that help to prevent cancer, not speaking about its other beneficial properties. It can be steamed, added to mashed potatoes, soups.

Pumpkin is a popular autumn vegetable. It is more than 20% of daily requirement of fiber. Pumpkin is a good source of essential for our organism vitamins (for example, it is rich in potassium). It is a frequent ingredient in pies, cakes and even puddings.

Sweet potato is a product that is more nutritious than white potatoe. We need it on the grounds that it is rich in vitamin A, iron and, what is also important in autumn, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you like dates, do not forget about them and at this time of the year. It is an excellent source of potassium and fiber. In addition, please note that this fruit has a low fat content. If you are on a diet, eat dates without fear – they are perfect for adding to stews and desserts.

Pomegranates, in addition to their unique taste, are a good source of vitamin C and folic acid. The benefits of pomegranate juice are impossible to list, but remember that it contains high levels of antioxidants.

This fruit is different from other citrus fruits – grapefruit. It is perfect for salads from greenery. You can mix it with avocado and shrimps or cook fresh, which will be rich in antioxidants. It is rich in lycopene and contains pectin, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels. It is more than 75% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C.

Speaking of citrus, let’s not forget about the tangerines! Tangerines – a rich source of vitamin C and beta-carotene. You can also eat them fresh or added to fruit salads, teas and sauces.

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