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Autumn nutrition

autumn nutritionOur ration depends on the time of year. This is the correct approach to nutrition; nature itself tells the body what vitamins and nutrients it needs in summer or winter. In hot summer we eat light foods – fruits and vegetables replace everything for us, but with the coming of autumn our menu is obliged to change. The body requires more nutritious foods.

However, we must be careful. You can easily gain weight during the transition to another way of nourishment. The fact that the days are getting shorter, the air – cooler, so the organism makes energy reserves in order to survive during the coming winter. In addition, the notorious autumn depression can cause increased appetite. It is often explained by a deficit of sunshine.

In order not to gain extra pounds in the fall, it is recommended to consume complex carbohydrates – they supply the body with more energy and control metabolism. You will find these substances in greens, vegetables, legumes, fruits and cereals. Moreover, all of these products are also rich in fiber, and it promotes weight loss.

Vegetables and fruits – is a sure source of vitamins and trace elements that are necessary during the hateful avitaminosis. So if you have no contraindications (gastrointestinal diseases), you should eat seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day (crude, thermally processed or in the form of juice).

If you plan to include fruits in breakfast, start with them, and only then eat all the rest. The main dish can be an omelet with vegetables or salad, dressed with vegetable oil or yogurt. Use fruits for a snack – apple or pear, banana or a few plums. For dinner, it is recommended to cook steamed vegetables – zucchini, eggplant, cabbage. It is a nourishing and juicy dish. Stewing and gratinating are the best ways of cooking in autumn. Nutritionists recommend to give preference to vegetable and meat stews, mash and steamed vegetables with fish, and fat chicken and pork should be replaced by beef and mutton.

It should be noted that in autumn you don’t need as much liquid as in summer. In summer you drank 2-3 liters a day, in autumn, you can reduce this amount to 1.5 liters. Water should be warm or room temperature, but in any case not cold.

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