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Australian diet

Australian dietThis version of the Australian diet was developed by Australian nutritionist Dr. Barushek. The average caloric content of daily ration is 1200-1500 kcal. Thus, hunger is practically absent – in most cases diet is easily tolerated and does not cause breakdowns. This diet is quite balanced, as its ration is rich in essential nutrients. However, even in this case it is recommended to take vitamin complexes. The ration is diverse, products are available and interchangeable.

The diet is designed for 14 days, during which you can lose up to 8 kilograms of excess weight.

Breakfast will contain about 250 calories. You can choose from two options:

– First: 1 fruit or 20 grams of dried fruit, 70 grams of cereal, skim milk.

– Second: 1 fruit, 1 egg or 20 grams of cheese, sandwich, green tea.

Lunch (about 450 kcal): 60 grams of grain bread, 60 grams of poultry or lean meat, vegetable salad, green tea.

Additionally, you can choose anything from the list below:

• Tuna, free of oil – 100 grams

• Salmon – 70 grams

• Hard cheese – 30 grams

• Cottage cheese – 100 grams

• Low-fat yoghurt – 125 grams

• Nuts – 25 grams

• A small fruit (except bananas)

• Dried fruits – 20 grams

Dinner (about 370 kcal): vegetable soup, vegetable salad, 1 fruit, fruit jelly, green tea.

Additionally, choose to supper anything from the list below:

• Boiled beef – 100 grams

• Boiled chicken breast, freed from the skin – 125 grams

• Lean fish – 150 grams

• Boiled potatoes – 1 piece

• Beans – 200 grams

• Boiled rice or pasta – 0.5 cups

• A slice of black bread with any fat, permitted for consumption (below)

It is allowed to use the following fats:

• Unrefined oil – 3 teaspoons

• Low-fat mayonnaise – 1/5 tablespoon

• Avocado – 0.5 pieces

• Nuts – 30 grams

Of course, it is recommended to drink more water. So, you should drink pure water or green tea between meals.

In order to fasten the effect of this diet or improve the result, you should repeat it after 2-3 weeks.

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