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Australian diet №2

Australian diet2Another Australian diet will help you to become slim and beautiful. In addition, you won’t suffer from hunger, so this is an excellent option for those who don’t like to limit themselves in food.

This diet is also designed for two weeks. During this time, you can lose 5-6 kg. The diet guarantees an excellent result, but it is recommended to check the state of your health before trying this variant.

Intensive weight loss occurs due to the sharp restriction of carbohydrates and a small amount of calories coming with foods.

The diet excludes the following products:

– fruits

– bread

– pasta

– cereals

– starchy vegetables

– milk

– yogurt

Products that are allowed:

– meat, fish and poultry

– eggs

– vegetable oil

– non-starchy vegetables and herbs

The approximate menu of the Australian diet:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with low-fat ham, decaffeinated coffee, mineral water

Lunch: salad from a small tomato, half an avocado and boiled chicken meat, dressed with olive oil, mineral water

Dinner: beefsteak with lettuce and half a cucumber, mineral water

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