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Astrological diet: Leo

leoLeo (July 23 – August 22)

Continuing the theme of astrological dietology, I propose to consider all the zodiac signs separately.

Leos like no other signs must respect proper nutrition. Peculiar temperament of this sign, as well as diligence in the work, often brings the owners of the sign nervous and physical exhaustion, and errors in their diet can easily lead to obesity. Heart, major blood vessels, spinal cord, thyroid gland are at particular risk. In order to avoid such health problems, you just need eat properly and rest.

Leos need to avoid products that negatively affect the heart and blood vessels. Sadly, but these products include fat heavy food, fried foods, dark meat, alcoholic drinks and confectionery. To support the work of the heart muscle you need protein. Include into your mandatory ration such products as milk, eggs, white meat, poultry. Furthermore, heart requires potassium and magnesium. Be sure to add to the menu raisins, figs, dried apricots, potatoes, eggplant, zucchini. Also it will be useful to eat onions, garlic, parsnips, celery.

When choosing fruit, pay attention to citrus. Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins, and very handy, they are good at relieving nervous tension.

If you plan to use some diet for weight loss, it is recommended to choose a long term diet, including separate nutrition. Nutritionists recommend to have a snack four times during the day, and your dinner should be more abundant.

Snack options:

1) one crispbread, 12 grams of low-fat soft cheese, one small banana;

2) a plate of vegetable soup or a cup of cocoa, a little toast;

3) a large portion of any salad, two tablespoons of cottage cheese, a slice of pineapple;

4) 125 grams of cooked beans, one crispbread;

5) 100 grams of grilled fish with a salad of tomatoes and onions, seasoned with lemon juice;

6) a bar of chocolate, an apple, a few grapes.

Options for dinner:

1) 250 grams of skinless chicken baked with bouillon, onions, tomatoes and carrots, 75 grams of potato puree with addition of skim milk, a large portion of salad, 25 grams of vanilla ice cream;

2) 125 grams of low-fat grilled mutton, a little liquid gravy, cauliflower, 250 grams of potatoes, boiled in their jackets, bun with bran, slices of one banana, baked with two tablespoons of rum, in finished form add two tablespoons of soft cheese;

3) a portion of chicken “Tandoori” with boiled rice, whole wheat tortilla, lettuce; sometimes serving of beer or a glass of dry wine;

4) spaghetti with mussels and tomato sauce;

5) a piece of melon, 250 grams of turkey, green vegetables, salad, vanilla ice cream.

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