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Astrological diet: Gemini

geminiGemini (May 21 – June 21)

Continuing the theme of astrological dietology, I propose to consider all the zodiac signs separately.

Gemini love to eat – nuts, cookies, cakes – a variety of snacks in order their mouth was busy. This zodiac sign should follow the diet on a daily basis to give nutrition to the exhausted nerves, to increase the viability and to regulate the content of fibrin in blood. In order to calm the excited nerves it is recommended to include into your ration such products as yogurt, milk, cheese, turnip greens and cabbage, ie foods rich in calcium.

The next advice is the use of potassium chloride. Mineral salt is contained in green peas, asparagus, beets, carrots, cauliflower, corn, celery, apricots, peaches, plums and pineapples.

So, the diet for Gemini envisages six-time nutrition. The following is a list of menu options; each of them must be supplemented by a large portion of salad, seasoned with lemon juice. Each of the variants accommodates about 200 calories.

Toasts – two slices of bread with bran with any of the following additions:

25 grams of grated Edam cheese, baked tomatoes;

25 grams of boiled beans or spaghetti, watercress;

one medium boiled egg;

flesh of one banana with two tablespoons of yogurt.

Appetizers from meat and fish:

75 grams of lean meat or 150 grams of fish grilled with two tablespoons of boiled rice, pods of green bean, cabbage, celery.

Snacks from potatoes – 200 grams of potatoes boiled in their jackets with one of the following additives:

three tablespoons of homemade cheese;

two tablespoons of boiled beans;

two tablespoons of natural yogurt with 6 grams of grated cheese.

Fruit snacks:

an apple, an orange, a banana (either separately or as salad);

25 grams of flakes with a sliced pear (without sugar);

half a melon of average size, 100 grams of raspberries (can be frozen), a dry biscuit.

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