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Apricot diet

Apricot dietIf you need to lose 1-4 kg in 1-3 days, apricot diet will suit you. More precisely, it is a fasting mono diet. You will definitely like it – the sweet taste of apricots and a large number of beneficial nutrients combined with a low calorie content.

We have repeatedly talked about the benefits of apricots and dried apricots, so let’s get to the point.

So, the diet is designed for 1-3 days, during which you will need to eat apricot puree soup. To prepare this soup you will need half a kilogram of fresh apricots and 300 grams of dried apricots. Squeeze the juice from apricots. Grind dried apricots in a blender or finely cut. Then mix juice and dried apricots. You can also add pureed apricots, left after making juice. Divide the resulting mass into 3-4 parts and eat during the day.

General recommendations are as follows. In no case don’t use for the diet a ready-made juice from the store – make a fresh juice each time by yourself. This is the main condition. Of course, you should drink potable and mineral water, green tea in any amount.

It is advisable to arrange fasting days on apricots at the weekend. You shouldn’t increase the daily norm of the products! Such ingredients of this diet as dried apricots are enough high in calories, but eating too much of them will be harmful for the unprepared organism. It is fraught with intestinal disorders, symptoms of flatulence. Also be careful if you have any health problems – apricot diet is contraindicated for patients with diabetes. You shouldn’t use this diet if you have a tendency to intestinal disorders and flatulence.

If necessary, you can repeat the 3-day diet in a month; you can arrange apricot fasting day once a week.

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