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Alkaline foods

pH-Test-StripsOften speaking about well-balanced nutrition, we mean the acid-alkaline diet. Violation of the acid-alkaline balance in the body affects everything and we get poor digestion (overweight), dull complexion, bad mood, loss of energy and fatigue. When science discovered the topic of pH in the middle of the last century, nutritionists, dietitians and therapists of the United States, France and Germany have learned to adjust the balance by proper nutrition and widely practice treatment by the “acid-base balance” now.

Many eminent nutritionists believe that the observance of the alkaline diet reduces the risk of cancer, heart diseases and muscular pains. The alkaline diet focuses on health food, and consequently, effectively combats apathy and increased fatigue, prevents the premature aging of the organism.

How does it work? The scientists claim, if too much acidic food comes from food, the body has to compensate the imbalance by its own alkaline reserves – minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium, iron). This slows down the biochemical processes, reduces oxygen levels in cells, causes sleep disturbance and fatigue, it is not excluded, that even depression may take place.

A suchlike diet will mostly suit for vegetarians. However, if you can’t imagine dinner without a piece of steak and a glass of red wine – combine these acid-forming foods with lots of vegetables. Instead of bread and starchy side dish, add to the meat dark green vegetables, cabbage or raw salad. In general, the increase of greenery in the ration – it’s always a good idea. Therefore, try to combine products so as to obtain 80% of the alkaline products, and 20% of acidic food in the ration, or at least 65% to 35%.

If you’re not used to eating a lot of fiber – fruits, vegetables, legumes, a sharp change of the priorities can give too much load on the digestive system. Therefore it is good to start this diet gradually.

You can find a table with the pH level in foods in the Internet, but frequently the results are different. Often, the numbers vary being marked “sweet varieties” or “only ripe” speaking of fruits, or “combined with …” The normal level of acid in the body (pH) ranges from 7.35 to 7.5, while the neutral acid-alkaline balance is considered to be 7. Without giving specific numbers, we can divide the most common products on the next categories:

Alkaline foods1

You may not calculate the alkaline level of all that you eat, but you can approximately understand for yourself what products shouldn’t be consumed or how you can combine them for the balance. Thus, you not only improve your health and figure, but you will also feel like your emotional state changes for the best.More generally, we can say that almost all vegetables and most fruits are neutral or alkaline products. The most acidic are soft sugary drinks, alcohol, coffee and sugar.

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