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6 required products for women

Whole-grainsWhole grain foods

Whole grains are much healthier and more important for health than processed. They have up to 96% more fiber, magnesium, zinc, chromium, vitamins E and B6. Such products help to prevent heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and even obesity. Therefore, it is recommended to eat mostly whole grains. Eat oatmeal for breakfast or porridge of whole grains. Use 100% whole wheat bread instead of the usual, use products made of whole wheat and try to give preference to brown rice.

orange-productsOrange vegetables

Vegetables of the orange color, such as carrots and sweet potatoes, provide important substance daily required for the body – beta-carotene. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer, protects against colds and other infections. Furthermore, it protects the skin from sun damage. You can eat one tuber of sweet potato, 12 canned apricots or a cup of carrots a day, and you will certainly get the necessary daily requirement of nutrients.


This fish is the main source of omega-3 healthy fats. Salmon is known for large amounts of vitamins B12 and D; it helps to protect from heart diseases. At least two servings per week will positively affect your overall health. You can replace one serving of salmon by tuna. It will be tasty to bake this fish and add to salads.



Benefits of greenery is an eternal theme. Greenery is a compulsory product for both men and women. It is a source of fiber, vitamins C and K, folic acid, vitamin B; such a useful substance as lutein required for the sight; calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. All this is important for operation of heart and memory, for struggle against birth defects.



Nuts are also useful friends to the human health. They are sources of protein, magnesium, vitamin B and E. They help in the fight against heart diseases and cancer. Don’t be afraid of fats and calories that are present in nuts – they are healthy and beneficial for the heart.


Berries are natural antioxidants. They prevent the activity of oxidative processes in the organism and are useful for the memory. Your ration definitely must include a cup of fresh or frozen berries three times a week. Use them for salads, yogurts, smoothies.

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